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How To Make Real Money Online With Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing At Its Best, Over $100,000.00 worth of tools and software, Its your Own Crystal Ball Into the Future of Online Money.

Making Money online is one of those Really difficult things to actually achieve, Well that’s how I found it any way. I really struggled with targeting the right  money searches, let alone [...]

Photoshop To Mock A Web Design… then code it!

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Using Photoshop To Mock A Web Design… then code it!

The .PSD file is the greatest tool and resource to any web designer. Sure, you could create a design from scratch, coding by hand with no help from The trusted and handy [...]

CSS HTML Template site Free

How to Wrap text around an Image on a website page Using CSS & HTML

I have Found this to be very useful when using images and content text together and have Included a small summary on the CSS FLOAT TAG so you can understand whats going on below is the free download.

Free website [...]

Web Design: HTML CSS Design Contact form

Well I’m back.., Its Been a hell of a rough ride down here in New Zealand lately, Storms, Floods, Tornadoes, boy that Winter season does come around Fast! some say global warming, I say WINTER!! , But all that Weather drove me indoors to a labor of love this Web and Graphic design blog, so [...]

HTML & CSS Article Overview

How I Started CSSI remember the day the CSS seed was planted by My Good friend Al Hall from Earthfirst, of whom I regard Highly in the web world, said…. “Bill, CSS is the way!” and I thought at the time what the hell does CSS mean, 5 years later who doesn’t Know about CSS, [...]

The Best Web and Graphic Design Portfolios

Need some Web and Graphic design inspiration? Check out some of these online Web portfolios. The list will grow as I stumble across more unique portfolios of todays web professionals. Know of one that is missing already? Leave a comment and let us know!


Download: Web 2.0 Date Icons For Your Blog

So you want a sleek looking date icon for all your posts on your blog or web page do you? Well you’ve come to the right place. Below is a collection of different colors and styles you can choose from and customize. You can grab the .zip of the .PNG’s and .PSDs (separated for bandwidth [...]

GTD: Time Management For Web Designers

Time management is more then just a term used by those in high offices with high paying (stressful) jobs, it is an essential tool for anyone in charge of their own income. This is especially true for Web Designers as well as for Web Developers and Graphic Design Artists. We are going to focus mainly [...]

Photoshop Tutorials: Free Web 2.0 Gradients (v1.0)

Photoshop Tutorials

Gradients may very well be the most abundant and apparent feature used in web 2.0 websites, graphics, and logos. Here is my pack of Web 2.0 Gradients. I’ve had these to myself for sometime but it never occured to me to release them for public use until i saw this resource. Which [...]

Our Web and Graphic Design House

Whew! We just finally finished switching hosts and our now proudly hosted again on Dreamhost.

I’ll take this time to inform our readers who’ve probably noticed a slow down in how frequent we post new articles lately. We’ll most of it has to do with the abundance of work we’ve taken on and any fellow [...]