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Photoshop To Mock A Web Design… then code it!

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Using Photoshop To Mock A Web Design… then code it!

The .PSD file is the greatest tool and resource to any web designer. Sure, you could create a design from scratch, coding by hand with no help from The trusted and handy [...]

Download: Web 2.0 Date Icons For Your Blog

So you want a sleek looking date icon for all your posts on your blog or web page do you? Well you’ve come to the right place. Below is a collection of different colors and styles you can choose from and customize. You can grab the .zip of the .PNG’s and .PSDs (separated for bandwidth [...]

Photoshop Tutorials: Free Web 2.0 Gradients (v1.0)

Photoshop Tutorials

Gradients may very well be the most abundant and apparent feature used in web 2.0 websites, graphics, and logos. Here is my pack of Web 2.0 Gradients. I’ve had these to myself for sometime but it never occured to me to release them for public use until i saw this resource. Which [...]

Photoshop Tutorials: Don’t Forget To Gloss

Yes, i know this is a cheesy title, give me a break! Anyway, in this tutorial we are going to learn and examine the different ways of adding the “gloss” effect to your graphics and logos. This effect can be done, more or less, to just about anything. For our examples, we are going to [...]

Photoshop: Smells Like Grunge

No, we’re not talking about the early 90′s music movement. We’re talking about the “Grunge” effect that we are all so in love with these days. In this tutorial we’re going to discuss how and where to not only use the grunge effect but also learn how to make our own grunge brushes for re-use [...]

Photoshop: Better Gradients and Techniques (Part 1)

In this article (slash) tutorial we will explore Gradients in all their glory. Simply put, a gradient consists of two or more colors gradually blended together. They are often used to add depth to dull single-color filled backgrounds as well as doing a lot of other cool things. This technique is a fundamental part of [...]

Photoshop Brushes: Vector Storm (v1.0)

Description: Introducing “Vector Storm” a small brush pack for Photoshop 7+. Includes clouds, lightning, rain drops and lines, rainbow etc. etc.

Terms of Use: None required but a comment or link back would very well appreciated.

Installation: Download File to your ‘…photoshop/presets/brushes’ folder and load from the brush menu in PS.



Photoshop: Vector Style Brush Set

Vector Brush Set for Photoshop 7+. First of a set with more to come. Note that this is a direct link to the Deviant Art submission. Download by clicking the link contained on the left menu on the following page…

(Note: Click download link on left menu)